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Prashanti has interest as well as achievements in the following fields: Advaita Vedanta, Ayurveda, Jyotisha, Vastu Shastra, Hatha Yoga, Tibetan Sampradaya Education/Empowerment, BS & MS-Aerospace Engineering. He is also a professional dancer and has taught ballet.


Herbs for Back to School

For thousands of years the wisest people on Earth have used the power of herbs to optimize their body/mind's to create the very scientific knowledge and literature that children are in school to learn. Herbs are superfoods, and can help our superkids attain their full potential.

The Beauty and Brilliance of a Clear Head

To a large extent, congestion, or clarity, anywhere in the "head" (brain, mind, awareness or sinuses) leads to congestion or clarity, respectively, everywhere in the "head" (the brain, mind, awareness or sinuses). In other words, depending on our level of clarity, our heads can be either beauties or beasts.

Using Herbs for Deep Nerve Tissue Support

Having a strong clear nervous system makes life much more rewarding, joyful, and blossoming with possibility and accomplishment. This is a summary of many of your best and most easily available allies to support healthy vibrant prana-filled nerves, neurites and neural networks.

Tea as Medicine

There is something so practical and accessible about consuming your herbs as a tea? Tea, a liquid that is a medicine as it helps hydrate us. Since most of us do not hydrate ourselves properly, drinking tea is good in increasing hydration.

Nine Ways to Ensure the Graceful Initiation of Menopause

Menopause then can be a woman's initiation into a grace-filled time of life. To optimize this transformation, one can initiate true wellness practices and intentions early to ensure an empowered and graceful menopause.

Restoring Innate Pleasure Pathways of Molecular Love Letters

Are there pathways to pleasure that can be supported? Yes, if our Pleasure Pathway is clear, clean, activated and suitably supplied with enough "fuel" then it is very easy for us to be happy.

Ginger Evolution

Epigenetic inheritance systems play a role in what has become known as cell memory and cognition.Vedic science shows that Tulsi, Ginger, Turmeric amongst others are epigenetic herbs and its benefits increase over the years.

Best Overall Herbs

An adaptogen is an agent which allows an organism to counteract any adverse physical, chemical or biological stressor and Ashwagandha and Tulsi specifically are two of the premier adaptogens known. In fact, the Rasayanas of Ayurveda in general are all adaptogens.

Skin Health as a Mirror of Systemic Wellness

When it comes to skin care our herbal ally Turmeric is without doubt amongst the ruling paragons. Millions of women credit their great complexions to this golden rhizome. Here we focus on other herbs that wonderfully compliment Turmeric in supporting skin wellness.

Supporting True Wellness for the Whole Man

There are three fundamental qualities of Nature that manifest at all levels, from quasars to ecosytems to the nature of men which are preservation/equilibrium (sattva), creation/kinetics (rajas) and destruction/inertia (tamas). Balancing the whole man's power has been intricately woven with the robust intelligence of the sattva promoting herbs.

Immunity It Is Not What You Think

The key to true immunity is community. Immunity is simply not what we have been led to believe; it simply is not what we think. The "enemy" of immunity is not outer pathogens but rather inner imbalance.

Our Natural Flavors are Truly Nectarous Herbal Extracts

We’ve known for decades that phrase, “natural flavors,” found at the bottom of ingredient lists on consumer products has typically been very misleading shorthand for hiding all sorts of unnatural synthetic and often toxic things in products. And so we really want you to know that when you see reference to “natural flavors” on our Tulsi Tea boxes you are not just getting something that is truly natural, but incredible pure nectarous extracts of high quality herbs and spices.

Both Ashwagandha and Shatavari Enhance Male Sexuality

Often I am asked, by men and women, about which herbs a man should consume to enhance his sexuality. A standard answer that continually yields great results is the combination of Ashwagandha and Shatavari. These two excellent adaptogenic herbs make a great synergistic team that promotes many facets of wellness including a sexuality that is based on a foundation of enduring strength and vitality.

Ensuring a Lifetime of Wellness for Women

Let’s take a look at women’s True Wellness from before the beginning. There is a saying in Yoga that “well begun is half done.” If a woman’s wellness is focused on for the first four years then the chance of her living in wellness for the rest of her life goes up, and with it, the probability that she will attain her highest potential.

Epigenetics and Evolution

The emerging science of epigenetics, a discipline investigated for a mere 2 decades, describes the ability of a cell to evolve as a function of direct experienced circumstance and not by virtue of actual changes in the DNA. Epigenetic inheritance systems play a role in what has become known as cell memory and cognition, and the real shocker is that these cellular changes are inheritable, hence allowing accelerated evolution of a given blood line and/or species! People can even use these herbs to evolve within their life time, minimizing inherited DNA and optimizing DNA that supports who they really are and want to be. Exciting stuff, and all foretold in ancient myths amongst the Puranic texts.

Why So Many People Are Turning to Dietary Supplements

A 2008 study by Global Business Analysts, Inc., globally recognized as one of the world's greatest marketplace analysis publishers, predicts that the world herbal supplements and remedies market will reach nearly $23 billion as this year begins. What, one may wonder is fueling such an increase in this market, especially while economies are in the throes of recession?

Five Precautions ORGANIC INDIA Takes Against Heavy Metals

There has been some press that medicinal products from India, especially Ayurvedic formulas, may have heavy metals in them. A recent JAMA article went off on this, bashing Ayurveda something serious in the doing. What is up with this you may wonder? Know that some of it is just sensationalism; some of it is pharmaceutical-based entities attacking their greatest nemesis: Wellness and that which produces Wellness; and some of this is true. Because there has been some heavy metals found in some Triphala fruits sold by some companies, I will use Triphala specifically as an example and give you five reasons why you can rest assured ORGANIC INDIA products are as heavy-metal free as possible. (Yes, every plant on earth will have some tiny amount of gold or whatever heavy metal in it).

Adaptogens Whole Herbs and Extracts

When are adaptogens less adaptogenic? When is the wholesome less whole? This may seem like two different questions until you notice that the marketing of some herb companies seems to be stretching the definition of what an adaptogen is pretty thin, and forgetting a fundamental facet of the definition of an adaptogen.

Attaining Your Optimal Weight

The focus of Ayurveda, the ancient science of living a “Life in Balance,” is perhaps 20% disease and 80% True Wellness because energy, to a large extent, follows thought and intention, and thus the outer reality of our world often coalesces on subtler structures of fixations. So if you are always fixated on disease there is no end to the fight.

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