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ORGANIC INDIA Saffron Thread (Kesar) is harvested from high-grade, certified organic saffron flowers. Saffron is known for boosting mood, heart, reproductive and respiratory health. Sprinkle some in your tea or warm milk or add to your mithai for a beautiful aroma and colour and optimal health. Also great for daily skincare.

Directions For Use

Organic India Saffron Threads can be crushed and blended with milk or warm water and then added to any beverage or dish for a beautiful exotic flavour and overall health. You can even mix some in a face pack or facial oil to massage into the skin for a glowing complexion.

Health Benefits :
· Enhances skin complexion and glow
· Aphrodisiac - helps boost vigour and vitality
· Supports cardiovascular health
· Effectively treats sleep disorders and reduces depression
● 100% Organic Certified high-grade saffron
Shelf Life :
24 months
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3.0 x 3.0 x 2.5 cm
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1. Does Saffron make you sleepy?

No, it does not make you sleepy, but it helps to relax your mind and boost cognitive health, leading to better sleep quality.

2. How many strands of Saffron should one person use?

The general rule of thumb is to use about three strands per person when consuming internally.

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