Moringa Capsule to embrace the goodness of Superfood

Provides essential Nutrition I Considered a superfood
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Organic India
This is a Vegetarian product
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ORGANIC INDIA’s Moringa  Capsule is an excellent source of nutrition, helping to boost energy levels, strengthen digestion, increase overall immunity and help fight stress and fatigue. A naturally rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, ORGANIC INDIA’s Moringa is certified organic, and an ideal supplement to help you meet your balanced nutrition needs.

Directions for use

2 Moringa capsules twice daily, with meals or after meals, or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Health Benefits :
● Boosts energy levels and stamina
● Supplies essential nutrients
● Helps strengthen overall immunity
● Improves skin health and glow
● Organic Moringa leaf (Moringa oleifera)
● Certified Organic Herbs
Shelf Life :
36 Months
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9.7 x 0.0 x 9.3 cm
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C-5/10,Agro Park, Phase II UPSIDC Industrial Area Kursi Road Barabanki-225302, Uttar Pradesh India
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1) Does it have any side effects?

No, it has no known side effects.

2) Can I use it daily?

These capsules are non-habit forming and are safe for everyday consumption.

3) Is Moringa good for treating arthritis?

Moringa has anti-inflammatory properties and is naturally rich in minerals and vitamins that help relieve symptoms of arthritis.

4) Can it aid weight loss?

Being a nutrient-dense supplement with near-zero fat content, Moringa nourishes you deeply, helping you feel full longer and preventing over-eating, thus proving to be a worthy companion on your weight loss journey.

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