At Organic India, we grasp the essence of purposeful corporate gifting. It's not merely about the act of giving; it's about crafting a profound message. Our corporate gifting solutions are more than gifts; they are a statement of True Wellness, sustainability, and genuine appreciation.
Our diverse range of products, whether it's our soothing range of Tulsi Teas, a selection of whole herb supplements to enhance the well-being of your employees or our premium range of body and skincare products, are thoughtfully formulated and curated. They are not destined to linger forgotten in the back of a closet; instead, they are gifts intended to enrich lives. Crafted with elegance, simplicity, and a commitment to True Wellness, our offerings are embraced by the entire family.

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Safe for You, Safe for the Planet

Our devotion to safeguarding Mother Earth drives every aspect of our process. We work with thousands of farmers across India to ensure that the agricultural produce we source is cultivated in harmony with nature, using organic and biodynamic farming practices. To guarantee organic purity, our products undergo rigorous testing, earning both Indian and international organic certifications. By choosing Organic India, you're not only delighting your recipients but also supporting the health of the global community, the vitality of our planet, and the livelihoods of Indian communities.

Personalized and Thoughtful

Gifting is an art, and each gift we offer is curated and personalized to suit the needs of your target audience. Our eco-friendly packaging adds an extra touch of elegance to your corporate gifts.

Why Organic India for Corporate Gifting?

Choosing organic products from our catalogue for corporate gifting reflects a commitment to sustainability and well-being. It demonstrates an ethos that is community-oriented and conscientious, aligning with ethical business practices and responsibility toward both people and the planet.

Perfect for All Occasions

Perfect for All Occasions

Discover ideal corporate gifts for Year-End, Women's Day, New Hires, Events, Recognition, Client Care, Diwali, and Employee Engagement. Customize yours Today!

Low Minimums

Low Minimums

No matter the size of your team or the number of recipients, our low minimum orders on core products and accessories ensure you can treat everyone right.

Make a Lasting Impression

Make a Lasting Impression

Elevate well-being through daily self-care with our immunity-boosting teas. Gift memorable, impactful, and sustainable experiences with Organic India corporate gifting.

Make Your Occasion A Magical One!

Leave your details with us below and our team will get in touch with you to help you customize your happy occasion.

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What is Organic India's Corporate Gifting Program?

Our Corporate Gifting Program allows individuals and businesses to choose from our range of certified organic products to create thoughtful and health-conscious gifts for employees, clients, or partners.

What products are available for corporate gifting?

We offer a wide selection of certified organic products, including whole herb teas, infusions, wellness supplements, packaged foods, skin and body care products, and more, which can be customized to create unique and meaningful corporate gifts.

Can we personalize the corporate gifts?

Yes, we offer customization options, including personalized packaging and branding with your company's logo or message to make the gifts more special and memorable.

Is there a minimum order quantity for corporate gifts?

We work with a range of budgets to accommodate the unique needs of our corporate clients. We can tailor the selection to meet your specific budget constraints.

How can I request a quote for corporate gifting?

Simply fill out our inquiry form on the corporate gifting page to receive a quote. Our team will promptly get in touch to discuss your requirements and provide a customized quote.

What is the lead time for corporate gift orders?

The lead time can vary depending on the order's size, complexity and destination. We will work closely with you to ensure your corporate gifts are ready within your desired timeframe.

Can you deliver corporate gifts to multiple locations?

Yes, we can arrange delivery to multiple locations, making it convenient for businesses with distributed teams or clients.

Are there any special discounts for bulk corporate gift orders?

We offer competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders. Please inquire about our pricing structure when requesting a quote.

Can you assist in selecting the right products for our corporate gifts?

Yes, our experienced team can help you choose the most suitable products based on your budget, preferences, and the message you want to convey.

Can any health and wellness resources or information accompany the corporate gifts?

Along with our products, we can provide educational materials or resources on health and wellness, if desired, to add value to your gifts.