English – Margosa Tree

Hindi – Neem

Sanskrit –Nimba, Arista (meaning “reliever of sickness.”), Tiktak

Latin – Azadirachta indica

General Description

An evergreen tree from the mahogany family, the Neem tree is a tall tree with bitter leaves and yellowish-green fruits.  Called “the village dispensary” in India, every part of the tree, including fruit, is used in Ayurvedic medicine. Its bitter, astringent properties help activate a sluggish Kapha Dosha to support detoxification. Forms an active ingredient of the ORGANIC INDIA Neem supplement.


Helps treat bacterial and fungal infections, boosts overall immunity, purifies blood, anti-acne, promotes clear radiant skin, is helpful for treating lumbago, piles, and wounds, reduces inflammation, carminative, protects against oxidative stress, supports healthy liver function, soothes insect bites.