The Organic India Foundation (OIF) was established in 2006 to support the welfare of farming communities in rural India while promoting sustainable agriculture to ensure a healthier, safer future for all.
Organic India Foundation works with local rural farming communities in and around the operational areas of Organic India Private Limited (“Organic India”) with the purpose to serve:

People’s Wellness
Ecological Regeneration
Holistic Development of all (Holistic - Physical, Financial, Social, Natural, Intellectual, and Emotional) for All

Our Mission

To Promote and Support health and wellness in rural farming communities through projects related to healthcare and nutrition, environmental sustainability, and empowerment-led lasting upliftment of all.

We believe the collaborative effort is key to driving change and we partner with farmers, communities, government, non-profits, and peers to expand and amplify the impact of our work. Our 4-E Approach:



Farmers are at the heart of everything we do at the Organic India Foundation. We strive to understand current challenges and identify opportunities and potential solutions to help farmers, many of them from marginalized and excluded groups to become self-reliant and create a sustainable ecosystem to thrive and flourish. Because when farmers succeed, their villages also prosper, leading to a collective enhancement of the quality of life.



Based on a deep-dive analysis of the needs of the communities in which we operate, we have identified five pillars to guide our efforts:

Our initiatives can be categorized as follows

1. Community (Human) Wellness

a. Outpatient Care

Organic India Foundation, in its mission to provide healthcare facilities to rural communities, runs a primary clinic in Azamgarh to offer basic medical care including medicines and doctors’ consultations for free. OIF also organizes rotating health camps in and around the villages of the Hamirpur and Mahoba districts.

i. Primary Healthcare Clinic in Azamgarh

To fulfill our commitment, we support the health of rural farming communities of Azamgarh through a primary clinic managed by two BAMS doctors in two shifts – morning and evening. We provide patients with medical consultation and medicines free of cost.

ii. Healthcare Camps in Rath

We organize health camps at regular intervals to offer free medical consultation and medicines in the villages of Rath and other geographically dispersed and underserved areas.


b. Inpatient care

i. Group Health Insurance Policy for farming communities

We have been providing health insurance facilities to farming families for the past 6 years. To meet this need, OIF has provided the farmers with an affordable, accessible, and easy-to-operate health insurance policy with an annual cover of Rs.50000/- per family. The beneficiary family of up to four members, including a spouse and two dependent and unmarried children (up to 25 years) is covered under the insurance program.

c. Educational Outreach (Preventative Care)

i. Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Health and Nutrition, Ante- and Post- Natal Care, Menstrual Hygiene

At OIF, we organize regular awareness campaigns and workshops in the villages of Azamgarh and Rath to help educate the local population on topics including WASH, Health and Nutrition, ANC and PNC, MHM, etc. to enable them to lead a healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

d. Safe Drinking Water Availability

In regions where water is scarce and finding safe drinking water is extremely difficult, we have been working to recharge and restore groundwater levels through larger projects like rainwater harvesting and also supporting the immediate water needs by setting up a water filtration plant to help people avail safe drinking water and secure their health.

e. Anaemia Mukt Gaon

This is a recently launched program to address a pressing health issue currently prevalent in the whole of India.
Organic India Foundation is running a pilot program in Azamgarh in collaboration with Impact4nutrition [a platform to mobilize and engage the private sector in building a social movement (Jan Aandolan) to support the POSHAN Abhiyaan project] to address anemia through its prophylactic management and T3 (test, treat and talk) strategy across two target groups i.e., adolescent girls (10-19 years of age) and in pregnant and lactating women. Link to Pledged Partners of Impact4Nutrition --

2. Equity and Inclusion (Women Empowerment)

While women contribute significantly to farming activity, their work regularly goes undervalued, and underpaid. By imparting training to women on entrepreneurial skillsets and mindsets we help close their income gap while empowering them to become more active contributors in decision-making across households and communities — helping promote gender-inclusive leadership. (one such story -

a. Educate, Engage, Enable and Empower

This approach helps us address any given problem holistically with ensured participation and hence empowerment of the beneficiary group. Participation-led empowerment lasts and helps implement our agenda of raising consciousness among communities and sustainability to foster inclusive and sustainable development.

3. Environmental Sustainability

We have helped create innovative solution blueprints for favourable economic, environmental, and social ecosystems, as well as promote healthy lifestyles and conscious living via sustainable and regenerative organic agriculture through education, training, and infrastructure support.