English – Psyllium seeds                                                              

Hindi – Isabgol (इसाबगोल )

Sanskrit – Ishagola

Latin – Plantagata

General Description –

A shrub-like herb native to the Mediterranean, the psyllium plant has rarely branched stems and ovoid oblong, smooth yellowish-brown seeds. Psyllium is the seed husk. Long used as a gentle laxative in Ayurveda, Psyllium’s cooling nature helps balance Pitta and Vata Doshas. It is an active ingredient in ORGANIC INDIA Psyllium Whole Husk and Bowelcare supplement.

Useful in-

Gentle laxative action, helpful for treating diarrhoea, dysentery, chronic constipation, and gastritis, promotes healthy elimination and regularity. A Natural prebiotic, supports healthy gut flora, helps increase feelings of satiety, supports cardiac health, and helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.