Flax Seed 200 gm
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• Digestion: Flaxseed can help with digestive issues like Constipation, thanks to its high-fiber content. 
• Lowering cholesterol levels: Flaxseed’s been linked to lowering levels of low density lipoprotein { LDL or bad}  Cholesterol, which means it can help prevent other health issues such as heart disease and stroke.
• Prevents and corrects Premenopausal and Menopausal syndrome;
Attributed to lignans present in it, it has been found to prevent and correct hormonal imbalance in pre-menopausal and menopausal women.
• Manage some cancers: Flaxseed has possible anticancer compounds called lignans, which are polyphenols that may help manage certain types of cancer, including breast cancer.
• Weight management: This proposed benefit mostly stems from flaxseed’s fiber, which can help you feel full.
• Improving insulin sensitivity: insulin resistance, or an inability to effectively use the hormone insulin to ferry glucose to cells, is the hallmark of type 2 diabetes, and some research suggests flaxseed oil may help with this problem.
Health & Benefits :
ORGANIC INDIA Flax Seed Benefits:- High in Antioxidants & Lignans Healthy Vegan Source Of Omega 3 Fats High in Fiber, Low in Carbs for Weight Loss Promotes Digestive Health Helps To Lower Cholesterol Provides Cardiovascular Benefits Low GI Rating Helps To Stabilize Sugar Levels Lowers Inflammation & Oxidative Stress Promotes Flexible Joints & Relieves Stiffness Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair Contains Beneficial Plant Estrogens
Flax Seed
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12 Months
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3.0 x 12.5 x 18.0 cm
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G1-807, Sitapura Industrial Area, Tonk Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan- 302022.
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