Organic India encourages kids towards healthy eating

The campaign lays emphasis on the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for children by including nutritious and chemical-free food...

 Organic India has launched a campaign #TowardsHealthyEating with the aim to promote healthy eating practices amongst children.

The campaign addresses the parents and urges them to check the kind of words children are learning by referring to unhealthy ingredients like trans fat, artificial sweetener, MSG, and food dyes as ‘Bad Word’ and nutrients like Omega3, proteins, vitamins, calcium, and minerals as ‘Good Word’.

Akila Chandrasekar, head marketing, Organic India, said, “The pandemic has reinforced the need to instill healthy eating habits in children from a young age. Building holistic wellness is important to tackle the growing health concerns amongst kids. We, at Organic India, firmly advocate the benefits of healthy eating and healthy living, and hence, want to spread awareness among parents through this campaign.”