Best of Green Tea

Table of Contents
1. What is Green Tea
2. How is Green Tea made?
3. Constituents of Green Tea?
4. What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea?
a. Green Tea to Support for healthy weight management
b. Green Tea to Lower Inflammation
c. Green Tea to Enhance Digestion and Gut Flora
d. Green Tea to reduce Chronic Stress and Anxiety
e. Green Tea to boost Cardiac Health
f. Green Tea to Enhance Cognitive Function
g. Green Tea to Boost Skin Health
h. Green Tea to Help Fight Cancer
i. Green Tea to Helps improve insulin sensitivity
5. Best Of Green Tea
6. Best Organic Green Tea
7. The Best Organic Green Tea Variants in ORGANIC INDIA include:
a. Best green tea for weight loss: Tulsi Green Tea Classic
b. Best green for detox:: Tulsi Detox Kahwa
c. Best Green Tea for belly fat: Green Tea Lemon Ginger
d. Best green tea for skin: Tulsi Green Tea Jasmine
e. Best green tea for stress reduction: Tulsi Green Tea Ashwagandha
8. What is the best time to drink green tea?
9. How to drink green tea?
10. How to make Green Tea?
11. Who Should Drink Green Tea?
12. Is it ok to drink Green Tea every day?
13. References
A refreshing beverage, Tea is the most popular beverage globally after water. Of the various
teas available, Green tea is one of the healthiest teas you can add to your daily regimen of
healthy nutrition.
With its clean and earthy taste notes, Green Tea is loved for its refreshing taste and immense
health benefits and also functions as an ideal drink for cleansing your palate after a heavy meal.
What is Green Tea

While Green and Black tea are made from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, green tea’s
unique processing techniques help to keep a major part of its antioxidants intact.
Rich in antioxidants, Green Tea is best enjoyed without milk, which helps to further boost its
antioxidant properties.
Healthier and less acidic than black or milk tea, the benefits of green tea include boosting
metabolism, enhancing mental alertness and focus, and reducing inflammation, the root cause
of diseases.
How is Green Tea Made?
While in a normal black tea, the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant are either fermented,
oxidised, or both, the leaves, in this case, undergo a steaming process. Here the tea leaves are
allowed to soak for short periods of time multiple times.
Green Tea is the only tea in which the original structure of the polyphenols is left unchanged,
preserving its healing unique properties. During the steaming process, the enzymes that
produce the green colour pigments are broken down to preserve the distinct green colour of the
leaves for the next processing stage. The steamed leaves are then cooled, dried, and rolled
multiple times before packaging.

Constituents of Green Tea?
Green tea contains several bioactive compounds called polyphenols including flavandiols,
flavonoids, and phenolic acids. The flavonoids also contain 4 types of catechins including
epicatechin, epigallocatechin, epicatechin-3-gallate, and EGCG. Green tea contains vitamins,
amino acids, inorganic elements, carbohydrates, lipids, and other nitrogenous compounds that
fight against oxidative stress, and increase resistance to diseases.
All these compounds come together to make this tea a potent beverage to boost overall health
and refreshment.

What are the health benefits of Green Tea? 

a) Green Tea to support healthy weight management
Many studies have proved green tea's benefits in helping to stimulate and speed up
metabolism. Enhancing metabolism increases the rate at which your body transforms food into
energy. Hence a healthy and robust metabolism helps to burn excess calories. The caffeine and
catechins including EGCGs, improve the action of fat-burning hormones like norepinephrine,
helping your body effectively metabolise excess fat and lose belly fat as well. EGCG also helps
to suppress appetite, further supplementing your weight management efforts.

Green tea also contains a moderate amount of caffeine that keeps you charged for your workout
and enhances workout performance, without making you anxious or affecting your sleep.
Replacing your milk teas and coffee or packed fruit juices with green tea can prevent the intake
of unnecessary calories and also boost your overall health. Due to these benefits, many people
make use of green tea for weight loss.
Try ORGANIC INDIA’s Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger for the benefits of green tea with the
goodness of tulsi, lemon, and ginger too.
b) Green Tea to Lower Inflammation
Green tea’s benefits include its rich content of antioxidants that help to neutralise free radicals
and thus reduce inflammation, the root of many of our modern lifestyle diseases. The
antioxidants contained in Green Tea thus help prevent oxidative stress caused to cells and also
slow down premature ageing, while supporting the body’s resistance to infections and illness.
Blended with Tulsi in ORGANIC INDIA’s Tulsi Green Tea Classic, Green Tea’s anti-
inflammatory effects are accentuated.
c) Green Tea to Enhance Digestion and Gut Flora
The polyphenols present in green tea help to improve digestion by reducing inflammation in the
gut. Research indicates that consuming green tea can also help to increase the growth of
friendly gut bacteria, preventing conditions like leaky gut syndrome, and stomach infections.
Hence the benefits of green tea for the stomach include supporting better digestion, reduction in
bloating and gas, elimination of excess belly fat, and healthy gut flora.
Have a cup of green tea daily to strengthen your digestive system over time, while keeping a
gap of one hour before and after meals.
You can try ORGANIC INDIA’s Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger for the added benefits of lemon
grass, ginger, and tulsi with the goodness of green tea for a healthy beverage your gut will love.
d) Green Tea to reduce Chronic Stress and Anxiety
Green tea contains L-theanine, an essential amino acid that helps to lower stress by soothing
the nervous system and enhancing mental health. L-theanine is also known to reduce cortisol
levels, the stress-related hormone in the body, boosting your resilience to stress and mental
fatigue. Hence benefits of green tea at night include enhancing both the quality and quantity of
sleep. With stress being one of the major catalysts for lifestyle diseases, reducing its severity

can significantly boost overall health. So the next time you feel irritable, anxious or drained out,
soothe your frayed nerves with a refreshing cup of green tea.
e) Green Tea to Boost Cardiac Health
According to studies, the catechins present in green tea can help reduce cholesterol levels, and
consuming green tea regularly has been known to help reduce inflammation, reducing the risk
of cardiovascular diseases.
Try ORGANIC INDIA’s Tulsi Green Tea Classic or Tulsi Green Tea Pomegranate and have it
twice a day, hot or iced to reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases with time.

f) Green Tea to Enhance Cognitive Function
Green tea contains several brain-boosting bioactive compounds including L-theanine which aids
in improving brain function by promoting the production of dopamine and norepinephrine, which
are neurotransmitters that help keep you calm and focused. L-theanine also works with caffeine
in Green Tea to fight brain fog and mental fatigue and enhance focus.
 Enjoy your cup of Tulsi Green Tea Classic for a refreshing energy and health boost.
g) Green Tea to Boost Skin Health 

Packed with anti-inflammatory antioxidants, the benefits of green tea include boosting skin
clarity, healing imperfections and blemishes, and soothing inflammatory conditions and redness.
The anti-microbial properties also help to heal and prevent acne and clear clogged pores. Green
Tea regulates excess sebum production and prevents premature ageing.
So, the benefits of green tea for the skin include a radiant and clear complexion. Include a daily
cup of green tea to ensure healthy and glowing skin.
h) Green Tea to Help Fight Cancer
The antioxidant activity of Green Tea helps reduce the effect of pro-inflammatory cytokines,
thereby reducing the incidence of tumours induced by inflammation. Research indicates that
the benefits of green tea include reducing the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer in women,
and prostate cancer in men. 

It’s best to always consume Green Tea that includes certified organic tea leaves for the best
effects. ORGANIC INDIA’s certified organic  Tulsi Green Tea Classic with Rama tulsi, Krishna
tulsi, Vana tulsi, and green tea, or Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger with the added benefits of
lemon grass and ginger are great for reducing overall inflammation and boosting health.
i) Green Tea to Helps improve insulin sensitivity
The catechins present in green tea help in improving insulin sensitivity and delay the rate at
which blood sugar is metabolised. Research indicates that regular consumption of Green Tea
helps enhance oral glucose tolerance in healthy people as well as reduces fasting plasma
glucose and glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) levels in people at risk of diabetes.
Best Organic Green Teas

How do we select the best Green Tea?
With so many brands available, how do we determine:
- which green tea is best by flavour
- which green is healthiest
- or which is the best green tea brand?
Tea’s health potency and flavour primarily depends on how and where it is grown, harvested,
packaged and stored. Hence one easy tip is to always choose organic Green Tea.
Most teas are contaminated with synthetic pesticides that not only reduce their beneficial effects
but also increase the toxin load in the body.  
Hence it’s best to choose brands that use organic tea leaves.
ORGANIC INDIA offers premium quality green tea that is blended with other energizing
ingredients sourced with care from our organic farmlands that adhere to sustainable and
regenerative farming practices. This ensures that ORGANIC INDIA’s teas are free from harmful
chemicals and pesticides, and follows all organic standards.
The herbs, spices, and flavourings used in the green tea variants are chosen for their
revitalizing health properties that offer multivariate benefits and delicious flavours to suit varied
needs and moods, making this one of the best Green Tea brands in India .
The Best Organic Green Tea Variants in ORGANIC INDIA include:
a)    Best green tea for weight loss: Tulsi Green Tea Classic
Tulsi Green Tea Classic is a blend of green tea and Tulsi in the forms of Rama Tulsi, Krishna
Tulsi, and Vana Tulsi. Packed with antioxidants, Tulsi and Green Tea work synergistically to
enhance metabolism, help lower cortisol levels, lower triglycerides, and improve digestion to
help maintain healthy weight, making it one of the best green teas for weight loss in India
b)    Best green for detox:: Tulsi Detox Kahwa
Inspired by the traditional wellness recipe for a whole body cleanse, some of the best herbs and
spices that make the cut in ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Detox Kahwa besides Green Tea include
Tulsi, Clove, and Ginger, Black pepper and Cinnamon, and rock salt. These herbs work
collectively to strengthen digestion, protect against stomach infections, reduce heartburn,
acidity, and bloating, and aid in flushing out the toxins from the body.

c)    Best green tea for belly fat: Green Tea Lemon Ginger

ORGANIC INDIA’s Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger combines the excellent health properties of
tulsi, green tea, lemon, and ginger. According to a 2017 review, zingerone and shogaols in
ginger may help in the complex bodily processes that burn and store fat. Ginger also helped to
decrease appetite, reduce body mass index , and enhanced thermogenesis, or heat production
from calorie burning. When combined with herbs like Green Tea, Tulsi, and lemon grass, these
effects are accentuated, making this one of the best green teas for belly fat.

d) Best green tea for skin: Tulsi Green Tea Jasmine
Tulsi Green Tea Jasmine is a fragrant mix of green tea, and premium Tulsi, and flavoured with
jasmine blooms, natural jasmine flavours, fennel, ginger, and chamomile for a relaxing drink you
can enjoy at any time of day.
The calming properties of jasmine and chamomile flowers help to soothe skin redness and
acne, reduce oily skin, aid in the clearing of blemishes, and prevent premature ageing to
promote healthy, supple, and radiant skin, making this one of the best green teas for skin
e) Best green tea for stress reduction: Tulsi Green Tea Ashwagandha
Tulsi Green Tea Ashwagandha is a potent herbal mix of green tea, Tulsi in the variants Rama
Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, and Vana Tulsi, along with Ashwagandha and lemongrass. Ashwagandha

is known for boosting stamina and endurance and reducing the debilitating effects of stress.
Coupled with Green Tea and Tulsi, this potent tea helps enhance vitality, reduce anxiety and
depression, promote better sleep, and enhance overall energy levels.
For more green tea options, go to
While there is no singular best green tea for health or the best green tea for antioxidants, we
recommend using a combination of the best of green tea variants with a varied range of
antioxidants to reap a multitude of health benefits.
What is the best time to drink green tea?
If you are pondering on when to drink green tea or the best time to drink green tea, the answer
is anytime as long as you maintain a gap of one hour before and after meals. 
According to studies, it is best to drink a maximum of 2-5 cups of green tea in a day. You can
space them out during the day, as a morning and mid-morning beverage, and as a late
afternoon pick-me-up while keeping a gap of one hour before and after meals.
How to drink green tea?
Green Tea is one of the easiest beverages to make at home. You can enjoy green tea in its
loose-leaf form or in a tea bag. Just make sure the infusion bag is made from biodegradable
fibre. For example, ORGANIC INDIA uses only FSSAI Certified 100% Organic Certified Staple-
free tea bags made from unbleached, biodegradable fibre.
You can drink green tea both hot and iced. For the iced version, it's recommended to double the
strength of the tea leaves.
How to make Green Tea?
With Teabag
Add 1 infusion bag per cup (120ml) and pour boiling water over it. Let steep for 3-5 minutes.
Add a natural sweetener if necessary. Double the strength if serving iced. It is best when
consumed without milk.
With Tea leaves

Add 1 full teaspoon per cup (120ml) and pour boiling water over it. Let steep for 3-5 minutes.
Double the strength if serving iced. It is best when consumed without milk.
Who Should Drink Green Tea?
Green tea is generally safe and healthy for most people. But pregnant or breastfeeding women
should consult theirs doctor before drinking it as the caffeine can interfere with the folic acid
absorption. While the caffeine content is green tea is very low compared to coffee, your doctor
can best decide your safe dosage. Including it in your daily diet can help you reduce the risk of
chronic lifestyle diseases including diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer.
Drink your cup of green tea every morning and evening or anytime you want to feel refreshed to
make use of its varied health benefits.
 Is it ok to drink Green Tea every day?
Yes. Delicious, healthy, and refreshing, it is ok to drink green tea every day to help enhance
your overall health, with benefits ranging from stress reduction to enhanced cognitive function,
better gut, heart, and skin health to improved immune response, and reduced risk of lifestyle
diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.
Whether you prefer to drink it hot or cold, alone or with other ingredients, there are many
delicious and easy ways to enjoy the many benefits of green tea.
Explore green tea variants from ORGANIC INDIA for healthy, conscious living.
Green Tea for Healthy Living
Green tea is a versatile and delicious beverage that comes in many different varieties, each with
its unique flavour and aroma. Choose your favourite bouquet of ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Green
Tea flavours today!



Organic India’s Best Of Green Tea is a refreshing blend that offers a delightful taste and numerous health benefits. Highly recommended!"

By Sukanya Nayar

Jun 02, 2023


For those seeking a mellow and gentle experience, the lightly oxidized Bancha or Hojicha are exceptional choices. Bancha, with its pleasant nutty flavor and grassy notes, offers a soothing cup that can be enjoyed throughout the day. Hojicha, on the other hand, unveils a toasty and caramel-like profile, making it perfect for cozy evenings or as a comforting treat

By Mahadaji Nambisan

May 30, 2023


One of the reasons I believe green tea deserves the title of “best-of” is its exceptional health benefits. Packed with antioxidants and polyphenols, green tea has been linked to a wide range of positive effects on our well-being. From boosting metabolism and aiding in weight management to reducing the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer, the power of green tea is truly remarkable.

By shivani

May 30, 2023


What sets Organic India apart is their unwavering commitment to sourcing premium quality, organic ingredients. Their green tea leaves are meticulously handpicked from pristine tea gardens, ensuring that every sip brims with freshness and vitality.

By Gagan

May 26, 2023

I must commend organic india attention to detail in their packaging. The elegant design and informative labels add to the overall experience, making it a pleasure to brew and share with friends and family.

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