Celebrating Diwali with Conscious Gifting

Light up this festive season of Diwali with the splendor of organic gifting choices!

This Diwali, ORGANIC INDIA brings to you the joy of good health packaged in specially-curated gift boxes and combos that you and your loved ones can enjoy. Whether you are a lover of aromatic herb teas or want to start eating better and healthier, ORGANIC INDIA has you covered.

The Ultimate Gift for a Tea Lover

Enjoy our selection of premium Tulsi infusions, speciality teas, and wellness infusions, packaged in an exquisite ivory-coloured Kappa gift box embellished with flowers and peacock feather artwork, celebrating the unique festive spirit of India. The box is available in a set of 12 variants or 6 variants to rejuvenate your body and mind and delight the soul.

Gift an Assortment of Wholesome Foods to Your Loved Ones          

The gift of good health is the most valuable gift of all.  And what better way to tell your loved ones you care this Diwali than by gifting them a premium selection of the choicest, wholesome foods and condiments? Explore our wide range of Mix and Match food gift combos packaged in an elegant royal blue and gold coloured gift box.

Elegant Slider Box

Gift a special combo packed in an elegant royal blue slider box trimmed with gold, containing the goodness of jaggery powder, quinoa, brown rice, chia seeds, and lots more.

Make Your Own Gift Basket

Or make your own special gift basket by choosing from our wide assortment of teas, infusions, herbal supplements, packaged foods, and skin care products. ( This option is available in our Exclusive stores only)

Visit  https://www.organicindia.com/productpage/:cat=33 and buy your gift hamper.

ORGANIC INDIA wishes you and your family a happy, healthy, and safe Diwali! 


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