Celebrating the Incomparable One: Tulsi vivah

With Diwali just over, the next festival that adorns our lives is Tulsi Vivah on 5th November. The Tulsi plant is seen as the earthly personification of the goddess Lakshmi, the wife of the god Vishnu.

And Tulsi Vivah is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi plant to Lord Vishnu; another festival underlining the special status of Tulsi in India.

Naturally rich in Vitamin A, and C, calcium, zinc, iron, chlorophyll, and several bioactive compounds, Tulsi is also called the “Incomparable One,” in Ayurveda, with every part being used in ayurvedic medicine. 

Medical science now confirms its multi­­-therapeutic properties as an adaptogen, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, antistress, and anti-asthmatic agent. 

Ayurveda even recommends the regular consumption of Tulsi as an essential lifestyle practice. 

Hence, it’s no surprise that Tulsi was seamlessly integrated into daily rituals, and festivals and always found a central ‘angan’ place in every traditional Indian home. 

Introducing Tulsi to the world

ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi tea burst into the market in 1999 with the launch of Tulsi Original Tea. This started an organic revolution in the country, positioning the healing herb on the world wellness stage.

ORGANIC INDIA’s first daunting challenge back then in the 90s was to convince the farmer to convert to organic farming and grow Tulsi. 

With one-sixth of India’s land either barren or economically unproductive, growing Tulsi as the flagship product was a wise move: The herb requires little water and synergizes effectively with other healing herbs. Thanks to ORGANIC INDIA, barren lands turned into lush fields!

What makes ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi different? 

While the success of ORGANIC INDIA’s Tulsi Original Tea led to an upsurge of Tulsi-based products in the market, proper cultivation, harvesting, processing, and storage play a critical role in ensuring that the healing properties of Tulsi are fully preserved and easily bio-available either in tea, infusion, or supplement form.

At ORGANIC INDIA, we grow our Tulsi and all other herbs employing only supportive practices unique to each plant species, and prevent any contamination from chemical fertilizers, artificial pesticides, growth hormones, and genetically modified organisms. 

Stringent quality assurance processes ensure consistent quality and botanical integrity across batches. 

With nature as our guide…

With over 108 varieties of Tulsi, the three main medicinal varieties are Rama, Vana, and Krishna Tulsi with an array of health benefits. So we constituted these three as the foundation of ORGANIC INDIA’s healing teas and inspired us to formulate more than 23 varieties of relaxing, flavourful, and restorative herbal blends. These teas and, infusions are now savoured in more than 48 countries.

Some of our iconic flavours and their effects include:


Tackle a stressful workday with a cup of soothing herbal tea! Tulsi Original and Tulsi Green Tea Classic help lower cortisol levels, soothe the nervous system and boost cognitive function.

Difficulty in calling it a day? Try ORGANIC INDIA’s Tulsi Honey Chamomile infusion for soothing slumber!


Keeping these infusions at hand is a good idea: Tulsi Mulethi,  Tulsi Ginger, Tulsi Turmeric Ginger - help lower inflammation, increase immunity against cough, cold and other infections, soothe the throat and help your body tackle the toxic effects of pollution.


Tulsi paired with flavourful Sweet Rose, Ashwagandha, and Peppermint rejuvenates the body and fights chronic fatigue to refresh and restore natural energy and vitality. 


The flavourful Tulsi Honey Lemon, Tulsi Lemon Ginger, and Tulsi Detox Kahwa pack an additional punch of restorative anti-oxidants that stimulate a sluggish system to boost metabolism and enhance digestion, helping you maintain a healthy weight.  

Re-introducing Tulsi as a part of daily living 

With the rising threat of pollution, environmental toxins, stress, and pesticide-laden foods, making that cup of detoxing Tulsi infusion mandatory in our lives can help fortify us from within to lead healthy, productive lives. 

While we celebrate this powerful herb yet again on 5th November, we invite you to take your pick of the ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi infusions and teas and kickstart your journey of Healthy Conscious Living today!

Or just because every sip is so flavourful!



Tulsi Vivah is a joyous celebration of the divine union between Lord Vishnu and Tulsi, the sacred plant. Organic India’s commitment to promoting such traditions is truly commendable.

By Prashant Bajpeyi

Jul 03, 2023


Organic India, your Tulsi Vivah celebration is truly exceptional! The devotion and purity of your organic tulsi products inspire us to embrace wellness and spirituality. Cheers to this divine union!

By Vikash Kumar

Jun 29, 2023


Diwali is a time for joy and connection. Let’s spread love and positivity through conscious gifting choices this year. Happy Diwali

By Raju Sah

Jun 27, 2023


One aspect that particularly stood out to me is the emphasis on reverence for the environment. Tulsi, considered a holy plant in Hinduism, holds immense medicinal and spiritual properties. The marriage of Tulsi with Lord Vishnu is believed to bring prosperity and blessings, while also serving as a reminder of our responsibility to protect and nurture the environment around us.

By Aakash Gurnani

Jun 22, 2023

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