Healthy and Tasty Organic Foods Idea for Growing Kids

Children and breakfast – that too a healthy portion – do not go together. The fuss to not eat anything if it is not chocolate or junk and to provide them with some amount of healthy food rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which are essential for their growth, is a mountain of a problem. This gets compounded if your little one is a picky, choosy and finicky eater with a bird’s appetite.

The trick is to hide the nutrients in appetising fare and also to make sure that the nutrients are herbal and organic, thereby guarding the child from adulteration and chemicals. Pasta being a hot favourite with children of all ages, you could try ORGANIC INDIA’s Wheat Pasta which is wholly organic and entirely chemical free. Not just that, this pasta is fibre-rich and pushes in healthy growth minerals like iron, manganese, selenium and copper into a child’s diet. There’s a protein punch too all of which adds to the wholesome growth and muscle strength of your little one.

The herbal power push can come from a teaspoon of ORGANIC INDIA’s Chyawanprash with some milk in the morning to not just boost immunity but also to aid the child’s healthy growth process through powerful herbs like Brahmi. If your child is above 12 years of age, ORGANIC INDIA’S 100 percent organic wild forest Honey will protect the liver, soothe sore throat and also help in digestion with its cocktail of minerals. Chyawanprash is good source of antioxidants, a comprehensive rejuvenator and a positive source of energy. With amla as its main ingredient, it gives you a good serve of vitamin C which builds immunity and also has potential to fight the harmful effects of air pollution. Best for changing weather and winter-time health niggles. A teaspoon a day rejuvenates body tissue, gives energy, promotes muscle mass and kindles digestive fires. It is good for the heart too.

ORGANIC INDIA’s Quinoa, on the other hand, is a highly nutritious super food which is much higher in fibre than most grains. Though not exactly a child’s delight, Quinoa is good to go for young ones, especially those with gluten intolerance as it is packed with all the essential amino acids must for child growth, besides Vitamin B and E and minerals like iron, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, magnesium and copper, all of which maintain healthy glucose levels and provide nutrition for overall development.

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