Celebrating the festival of colours, the ‘organic way’ #OrganicWaliHoli

Hoil is here! A day for coloured faces and water pistols and laughter and rain parties and extended brunches with piping hot gujias and chilled Thandai – in all a day of superlative fun and games with family and, friends.

Traditionally, Holi also marks the celebration of nature welcoming Spring with a riot of colourful flowers after the cold foggy winter.

It’s no wonder Holi was historically played with Gulal made from natural flowers and herbs – hence the term ‘phoolon ki Holi.

But the advent of artificial colours relegated these beautiful traditions to the background.

Made with synthetic ingredients including toxic substances like acid, glass powder, industrial dye, lead oxide, mercury sulphite, copper sulphate, and lead oxide, these artificial colours can cause skin itching, rashes, eye irritation, and hair damage.

Not to mention the gross harm to the environment as these toxic colours make their way to our soil and groundwater.

It’s time we return to the all-natural way of playing Holi to choose better and safer for ourselves and Mother Earth. 

Over the years Organic India has taken the mantle of introducing organic, safe, and healthy products that serve both you and Mother Earth.

Our Festive Herbal Gulal and Thandai Instant Premix are our latest offerings for you this Holi!


So, What makes herbal Gulal better?

  • Skin Friendly – The colour of herbal gulal is made with 100% plant-based ingredients including flowers, herbs, and vegetables, the Gulal is skin-friendly. The addition of ingredients like Turmeric and rose helps to heal your skin and protect it from damage. Also with no synthetic dyes, the gulal colours wash off easily and do not stain your skin.
  • Environment-friendly - Unlike chemical colours which take a long time to decompose, our herbal Gulal is completely biodegradable and will not pollute your soil and water. So you can play Holi in your garden without the fear of harming plants or contaminating your groundwater.
  • Safe for children –With zero chemicals, additives, or preservatives, our gulal is completely safe for children and adults alike,
  • Vibrant Natural Hues – Available in four vibrant colours, Red, Pink, Green, and Yellow, our Gulal is rich in natural pigments of ingredients like roses and turmeric, and beetroot, exemplifying the real colours of nature. So you look colourful and radiant all

A Refreshing Interlude with Thandai!

After a fun-filled Holi afternoon, what better to beat the afternoon heat than sipping tall glasses of chilled Thandai.

So this year instead of reaching out for fizzy drinks or juice boxes loaded with sugar, caffeine, and artificial flavours, reach out for a chilled glass of ORGANIC INDIA Thandai Instant Premix – just the way your grandma made it.

Based on the traditional recipe, our Thandai Instant Premix is a wholesome mix of ingredients like almonds, Fennel, Almonds, Black Pepper, Cashew, Pista, melon seeds , Green Cardamom and Rose Petals,  making it both a delicious and nourishing drink for Holi and all summer long as well.

With no harmful preservatives or additives, ORGANIC INDIA Thandai helps to:

  • Boost energy and stamina– Made with a nourishing blend of seeds and nuts our Thandai Premix rejuvenates and restores your natural energy
  • Protect from excess heat and sunstroke– the mix of herbs like rose petals, melon seeds, and fennel have a cooling effect on the stomach and help to protect you from heat strokes and exhaustion.
  • Relieves bloating and aids digestion– Rich in anti-inflammatory spices like ingredients like Fennel and black pepper, green cardamom, ORGANIC INDIA Thandai helps to relieve flatulence and stimulates digestion and assimilation of nutrients
  • Promotes cognitive function– a rich mix of seeds and nuts makes this drink rich in good fats, protein and minerals like calcium and zinc, supporting healthy brain function and memory.
  • Refresh Instantly - Just add to a glass of chilled full-fat milk with sugar to taste, mix well and enjoy! 

So this Holi, choose to play safe and healthy by choosing organic all the way with herbal gulal and refreshing Thandai!

Happy Holi!



Organic India’s celebration of the Festival of Colours showcases their commitment to a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. Brilliant initiative!"

By Archita Tipanis

Jun 02, 2023


Organic India’s celebration of the Festival of Colours showcases their commitment to a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. Brilliant initiative!"

By Ruhi Misra

Jun 02, 2023


In holi when someone apply color on me i got allergy and my face become red but with the use of organic india color it not harmful at all.

By Ruhi Misra

May 11, 2023


We should use organic colour in holi that i like it about organic india.

By Madhava Upandhye

May 09, 2023


Organic colors made from natural ingredients like flowers, herbs, and spices, are a safer and healthier alternative.

By Prashant Sabanis

Apr 29, 2023

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