Reviving Traditional Holi Festivities: A Celebration in Harmony with Mother!

With the last whispers of winter fading away, Holi arrives, heralding the splendour of spring. Mother Nature transforms, presenting a canvas rich with blooming flowers and green shoots, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the enchanting tapestry of colours.

A time-honoured celebration deeply rooted in Indian tradition, Holi brings with it an explosion of laughter, vibrant Gulal, and delectable feasts featuring gujias, mathri, malpuas, and the refreshing thandai. However, the essence of this beautiful festival has been somewhat tarnished by the proliferation of synthetic colours and the consumption of unhealthy, preservative-packed foods.

These artificial colours and highly processed foods not only affect our health but also Impact our planet negatively.

So this Holi, we invite you to embrace a more natural and wholesome celebration of Holi, one that respects both our well-being and the health of the planet.

Here are our suggestions for a wholesome, happy and eco-friendly Holi!

Begin your day with ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Green Tea Honey Lemon Tea.

As the season changes from winter to spring, seasonal allergies and infections erupt creating an upsurge of cough and cold, flu and fever.

We invite you to kickstart your Holi festivities with energising Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Honey Lemon Tea. Packed with healthy antioxidants, the rejuvenating combination of healing Tulsi, and invigorating green tea, coupled with the sweet touch of honey and zesty notes of lemon, not only boosts your immunity against seasonal changes and pollution but also invigorates your senses and promotes vitality. Each sip marks an auspicious beginning to a day filled with colours and joy.

Colour your world naturally with Organic India Herbal Gulal.

Central to the Holi celebration is the playful exchange of colours. But most commercial gulal colours are made of hazardous chemicals like mercury, asbestos, silica, mica, and lead which are toxic to the human eyes, skin and hair. Furthermore, these colours seep into our environment, polluting both our soil and water.

So this Holi, switch to completely safe, healthy and eco-friendly Organic India Herbal Gulal. Available in four vibrant hues - Red, Pink, Green, and Yellow, Organic India Herbal Gulal is made from 100% natural, plant-based ingredients like rose petals, turmeric, pomegranate peel, annatto seeds spinach and henna, each chosen for its beneficial properties to the skin. Free from harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes, our Gulal is not only safe and eco-friendly but is naturally rich in healing ingredients that resonate with nature's harmony.
From providing a healthy touch of antioxidants, to soothing inflammation to boosting your natural glow, our colours are sure to add a healing touch of Mother Nature to your skin.

Furthermore, our gulal pouches are 100% compostable, ensuring that both the colours and their containers are environmentally safe and seamlessly return to the earth. You can easily compost the gulal pouch by simply cutting it into small pieces in your garden or in potted soil. It will turn into fertilizer for your plant. With no clean-up required, celebrate worry-free, knowing you're protecting the planet.

Recharge the afternoon with traditional Thandai.

As the sun ascends higher in the sky, and the festivities reach a feverish pitch, what better way to cool down and recharge than with tall glasses of chilled Thandai? A beloved staple during the festive celebrations of Holi and Mahashivratri, Thandai is the perfect beverage to welcome guests and create memorable moments with loved ones.

Inspired by the much loved traditional Thandai recipe, ORGANIC INDIA Thandai Instant Premix offers a luxurious blend of whole milk, rich almonds, pistachios, and velvety cashews and melon seeds. Imbued with the fragrant notes of natural rose petals and elaichi, and a touch of black pepper, this ancient culinary masterpiece ensures each sip is a delightful journey into a world of rich Indian flavours and nourishing goodness.

It not only protects the body against heat strokes but also boosts your immunity, relieves fatigue and enhances energy naturally. Rich in dry fruit, it provides essential fatty acids, critical for healthy brain function and overall vitality.
A favourite of children and adults alike, this wholesome beverage is a natural and healthy alternative to sugary and unhealthy colas and juices and a great way to cool and nourish your family’s health in the hot summer months.
Easy to make, take one glass of chilled full-fat milk, add two teaspoons of ORGANIC INDIA Thandai premix and any sweetener of your choice and mix well. Serve in festive glasses with ice cubes for the ultimate Holi beverage.

Celebrate with Asli Desi Ghee Mithai

No Holi is complete without savouring the Indian mithai. Whether it’s steaming Gujiyas, soft Puran Poli, or Malpua, the use of pure, wholesome Ghee always adds a special touch of authentic goodness to every feast. Organic India Ghee, made from the milk of grass-fed cows, not only adds a healthy boost of essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D and K to your food, but its nourishing and healing properties help to keep your body youthful, flexible and energetic. Its nutritional benefits and pure, unadulterated taste make it a healthier alternative to conventional refined cooking oils.

Worried about the high sugar content? Replace your sugar in the mithai with Organic India Jaggery. Having a lower glycaemic index than processed white sugar, our jaggery is made from certified organic sugar cane and naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes to boost your digestion, relieve acidity and provide you with a quick source of pure energy.
With its rich flavour and numerous health benefits, Organic India Jaggery becomes the perfect choice for guilt-free indulgence.

Wrap up the day with soothing Tulsi Peppermint Tea

And what better way to conclude your festive feast than with a cup of Organic India Tulsi Peppermint Tea? Whether you want to digest a heavy meal, opt for a refreshing beverage in the middle of the day or wind down after a long day, Tulsi Peppermint Tea is your veritable knight in shining armour. This aromatic infusion combines the goodness of Tulsi, known for its stress-relieving properties, with the soothing notes of peppermint. It's a delightful way to cleanse your palate, aid digestion and promote a sense of relaxation and calm after a day filled with fun and feasting. Being caffeine-free, you can rest assured it won’t disturb your sleep at night,

This Holi, let's embrace a celebration that reflects our values, cherishing both tradition and nature. Join us in making this Holi not just about vibrant colours and joyous gatherings, but also about nurturing health and respecting the environment with Organic India.

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